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We help companies increase profits by reducing their cost of doing business and increasing the efficiency of their operations.

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After building and scaling multiple companies, we're leveraging our expertise to help others grow and increase profits.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Fulfillment

We perform an audit of your current online presence and devise the best strategies to help you gain momentum and generate consistent leads. SEO, Social, and Google Ads can help dramatically with customer acquisition.

Web and App Design & Development

We build sites and apps from scratch, as well as provide upgrades. Making sure your site is up to par can drastically improve leads and conversions. 

Brand Strategy

We work with you to create a brand image that has clarity and conveys value to increase conversions and closed deals as well as acquire those coveted reviews from customers. This helps to increase profits!

Growth Consulting

We work with you to create a comprehensive strategy for growing your company. Then, we work with you to implement it and increase profits.

Cost Reduction

We perform a free analysis of your expenses including vendors, utilities, and procurement. We then work to drive your costs down, without negatively impacting your company.

Group Coaching Program

Join a community of entrepreneurs that helps you grow your company. Learn new skills in an environment of like-minded people that help each other. Iron sharpens iron.

We Use Our Experience to Create Yours

increase profits

Increase profit margins

We exist to provide companies with strategies and services that protect their business assets and increase profits with modern marketing opportunities and business practices designed to reduce cost.

Growing a business can be tough. You don't have to do it alone. When you're trying to grow, the things to consider are reducing your expenses without negatively impacting your company, bringing in more leads, nurturing those leads and turning them into customers, and continually optimizing your operations

When we work together, we bring you the tools and processes you need to scale while meeting your challenges head on. We use the strategies and techniques we've used to scale our companies to millions in revenue, while brainstorming and creating brand new custom solutions to meet the needs of your company.



Discover how we make a difference with your company

We know that all businesses are unique and have their strengths and weaknesses. This is why we don't cut corners and take cookie cutter approaches to growing your business. 

We take tackle the challenges you face in your company with an analytical approach that reduces the stress in solving the issues you're experiencing. 

Don't just take our word for it. Connect with us today and learn how we can take your business to the next level and increase profits.

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What Are Some Methods for Increasing Profit Margins?

Profit margins are usually a huge part of doing business. Of course, this depends on your business model, but it usually helps to have higher margins on your goods and services. Here, we'll go over a few ways you can use to make sure you to increase profits in your company over the next period. 

Your Game Plan

Examine your business plan. Have you identified your market properly and understand the types of customers you're looking for? Your business plan should be a living document that changes with the trends in the market. Making sure your daily tasks are on track will help you fulfill your plan well. Having a flexible plan will also help you to increase profits over time.


Intelligent, timely offers help you to create loyal customers and improve conversion rates for customer acquisition. Making sure that you have profitable products helps you to create deals that you can use to hit your sales targets without hurting your profit margins too much. Use the feedback people give you in reviews to bolster your offerings. 

Operational Excellence

Running efficiently is key to making sure you're utliizing the best of your resources. Many times, a business coach can steer you in the right direction. Whether you're a business owner, or a team of executives, an outside perspective can help shape operations in the way you want to see them go. Operational excellence can help you open up distribution channels for increased cash flow. This gives you additional resources to allocate to increase profits and develop profitable products. 

Customer Service

Making your current customers happy can greatly increase your profit margins. Ensuring they are satisfied with your service is incredibly cost effective because you can always add more offers to sell to your existing customer base. This is also known as cross selling. Making sure you have a FAQ page up to answer common questions is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal of customers satisfaction. Having great processes in place to serve your customers is a must in this area.

When you have a happy customer, make sure you can get them to leave you a review on Google, or offer multiple platforms they can leave some feedback. Leverage quality control practices to get get make your customers happy and improve retention rates. Customer retention is a huge factor in growing your company if your company's business model thrives on repeat sales and renewals. This also drives word of mouth marketing helping you increase profits.

Scaling Up

The tasks that require scaling can be tedious, and by nature, can reduce your profit margin. You shouldn't allow this to get in the way of your goals. All growing companies have growing pains, and leveraging the right techniques can help you grow in an exponential way. Having the right executives and managers in place can help you in your growth periods. Continuously adding offers and other add ons to your offerings will help you to bolster your revenue and offset the loss of profit margins experienced in growth stages.

Do you have profitable items to sell? Is your manager running the shop effectively? Are you getting the best prices on your raw materials? One of the biggest keys to scaling is this. Never stop improving. Evaluate and review often to make sure you're not missing opportunities to grow your business and increase profits.

Hiring Staff and Outsourcing

Is it worth it to hire a full time employee? In some cases, absolutely. In others, it might not make as much sense. When you make the correct decisions in this area, you can increase profits substantially. Allocating your tasks in the right way can ensure that you keep your costs down so they don't cut into your profits. Even when you experience price increases on your suppliers and/or vendors, you can still turn profits without sacrificing customer retention.

Running an analysis on what is done in your business on a daily basis can help you determine which things need an employee and which ones can be outsourced. As you grow, these things will change and develop, so it's important to reevaluate every so often. 

The Bottom Line

Here at EBM, we love the term "bottom line" because at the end of the day, that's all most people care about. 

Creating acceptable profit margins is a huge factor in building a thriving business. So, do yourself a favor and evaluate what you can do over the next period. Whether you're a small business owner, or you went to Harvard Business School, you can create the profitable business that you always wanted by following basic principles and coupling that with innovation. Review your analysis of your business to make the best decisions you can make.